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Corbin Fisher – ACM2451 – Larson

Larson’s a cute country boy that you just know is a handful and a bunch of trouble – but in an entirely good way! He strikes me as the kind of guy who spends every day wondering what he can do to have himself a good time, and one of those things he decided would be a good time is come to CF and rub one out for us! Naturally toned and tight-bodied, Larson strikes you as someone who got his hot body through their active lifestyle, as opposed to just from working out. It certainly works for him, and adds to that farm boy next door appeal. He showed up to CF looking for...

EastBoys – Casting – Mattias Olofsson

Our latest version – Mattias Olofsson – fresh off the plane from Stockholm – is skinny dude with smooth cock and body packed to get activity, which gets hard onto in virtually no time because you can see! Cum at the conclusion is healthy massive and plentiful!

EastBoys – Handjob – Victor Schumann

Victor Schumann sits well relaxed in our red love chair, jerking his quite gigantic penis, the after helped finally by Mr. Hand Jobs. Have a look at Victor’s pristine smooth figure, his beautifully formed pecs, his abs and athletic thighs, his muscles tensing as Mr. Jobs is working his prick. . .all InAll sight you ought not miss!

BoyCrush – Felix Maze – Bisexual Boy With An Awesome Dick

Bisexual Portland boy Felix Maze is one of these chilled out and confident guys who simply knows what he likes and doesn’t let anything faze him. He’s just starting out business but’s willing and capable and actually can. We get to learn a bit about him in his interview, from what turns him on to what he enjoys from the bedroom, then it’s time for him to get that cock out and enjoy himself! He’s smooth, fit and packaging a bloated and slender dick that gets so hard stroked in his fist before his lotion is gushing. We can’t wait to see among the boys.

ChaosMen – Henri Michaels Solo

Henri Michaels is Aidan Anthony’s mum, and about a prior visit we talked about them performing a scene together. Of course, I wished to get some nice pics of himand have a look at his solo skills first. Henri, as he says himself, is a Electricity Bottom. He enjoys big cocks naturally, but it’s not a requirement because of him. He simply loves to be fucked hard. Together with his shaved head it’s not easy to tell he is a red-head, however with his ginger beard, and pubes, you could tell he is a ginger. The both of them came, however, Aidan was up first to fuck another man. Henri Michaels would pop now and then,...

Sean Cody – 2568 – Jamie

Twenty-six year old Jamie is a real sweetheart. His friends describe him as “weird, outgoing and funny”, but Jamie is a cowboy at heart. He fantasizes about going out with a guy and “riding horses out into the woods on a beautiful day, maybe out to a hot spring in Georgia or Alabama and just making out and relaxing.” Jamie is versatile when it comes to sex. “If I was asked to top or bottom it wouldn’t matter to me, I’m vice versa I could go either way,” he says. Jamie prefers dicks that are “moderate in size,” especially when he’s a bottom. In fact, Jamie thinks his is “too big to be honest.” When...

Military Classified – Silas

Today is a very special day because I’m introducing a brand new recruit to the Military Classified cameras and his name is Silas. This east coast straight stud who spent a 4 year stent in California at Camp Pendleton. He’s been out a few years and today he’s reliving his days in the military as Rob delivers a HUMMER that blows SILAS away, literally.

SweetAndRaw – Robin Few & Micky Shut

Fuck buddies Robin Few and Micky Shut are spending a nice, quiet time out in the country. The two don’t get to see each other much what with their school and work schedules. So, during their first day off together, they took off for some much needed R&R in the woods. Micky’s gone out for a meditative walk and comes back horned up and ready for a good fuck. He knows how much Robin likes it raw and it doesn’t take much to persuade him into a blowjob. After trading with each other, Micky gets Robin to stand up against the side of an abandoned outhouse. There, with Robin’s hungry ass ready and waiting, Micky...

UKHotJocks – Locker Jock – Dave Circus

The steely, brooding and ultimately gorgeous Dave Circus comes to town, and namely in our Locker room. Stripping out of his sports top and silky blue Adidas shorts, revealing his perfectly jock framed peachy butt, tanned and very edible looking! Bugling muscles caress each other, his very full looking package grows and stretches the basket fabric. Slipping the jockstrap off, down his powerful thick legs. Curved, thick and vascular he strokes his big meat, showing us why he’s all top! That said, Dave Circus still gives us a peek at his untouched hole and biteable arse, showing off all his best assets!

8Teenboy – Paxton Ward Solo Session

Pretty boy twink fans, this is the boy you’ve been waiting for! With his stunning movie star good looks, new kid on the block, Paxton Ward is ready to take the porn world by storm. Max Carter directs the crazy hot college boy in his first video ever; and, Paxton Ward is a wonder in front of the camera! His warm brown hair dangles in his big bedroom eyes as he bites his pink pouty lips, (which sport a very fitting beauty mark) while he chats with Max. Carter charms him out of his clothes and, down to his sexy black undies. Carter caresses his smooth skin and teases his cock before pulling his tight...