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YoungPerps - Case No 1803023-75

YoungPerps – Case No 1803023-75

When this troublemaker has the balls to show his face again, the Loss Prevention Officer Case No 1803023-75 wastes no time in bringing him in. He’s not going to wait around to see what he tries to take this time. The perp tries to fight him off, but he’s no match for the determined mall cop. Once he’s in custody, the returning shoplifter is searched and processed, even bound up to make sure he can’t get into any trouble while he’s left to stew. But desperate to avoid jail time, the criminal sneaks out of his ropes, only to find the officer ready to pounce on him and make him pay for coming back!

BoyCrush - Great Things Come In Small Packages Austin Lock

BoyCrush – Great Things Come In Small Packages Austin Lock

You know what they say; great things come in small packages. Smooth and sexy young twink star Austin Lock is new to the world of porn but this adorable young man is eager to share himself with the world in some of the best action. He’s so fit and so sexy, the kind of boy you could really throw around and enjoy. He would love that too, he loves getting his ass fucked. Find out more about him in his interview, finishing off with some anal play and a big load of cum jerked out of his solid young dick!

Twinky roommates make amends with hard bare dick

Twinky roommates make amends with hard bare dick

Handsome boy Randi Freja hasn’t been getting along very well with his roommate Lucho Cordell, but the sexy young man knows how to win him over with some tasty treats. He arrives with a plate of cream-filled cakes, but that’s not really what his buddy is so interested in. Randi can’t resist making a move on his friend, a move that’s very quickly accepted. The boys make out, revealing their bulging cocks in their tight little undies. Lucho gets a mouthful as handsome Randi feeds him his long and smooth uncut cock, but he’s eager to turn their attention to the perfect little butt hole Lucho has, always ready for fucking. The fingering and probing...

Doggy Style - Gabe Isaac & Trevor Harris

Doggy Style – Gabe Isaac & Trevor Harris

Gabe Isaac has an adorable Doggy Style dick magnet that he always scores with when taking the pooch for a “cruise.” Today Trevor Harris spies the cute doggy along with the huge hot dog bulging from Gabe’s groin area that he just can’t keep his eyes off of. Isaac invites his new friend back to the house and Trevor’s colossal cock is down Gabe’s gullet in no time! Both boys have BIG blue ribbon boners and both suck cock like winners as well. Trevor tastes Issac’s amazing ass and decides his condom free cock would add to the deliciousness of the dude’s smooth derriere. Harris has mighty hefty low hangers that slap Isaac’s ass as...

College Boy Physicals - James Fuklin

College Boy Physicals – James Fuklin

I was so excited to leave my shitty one horse town and come to a big city to go to school. I suffered with depression so I always used jogging and running to deal with that stress. It was a blessing when I found James Fuklin out the college had a track team…so I signed up for it. Unlike my small town..the college needed a physical in order to join the team so I went to the clinic to get a physical. I was so nervous.. I always went with my mom to the doctor but I mustered the courage to go alone. Inside the exam room was really fucken cold. I was a bit...

Southern Strokes - Haigan Fucks Carson

Southern Strokes – Haigan Fucks Carson

As soon as Haigan showed up at the Ranch I knew that the first guy he needs to fuck would be Carson. Every time Carson leaves the Ranch he cums back with an even hotter body and ready to fuck. He is a hard workin country boy so he doesn’t have much sex outside of his visits to the Ranch. We like it that way. Haigan doesn’t hold back; when it cums to fucking he likes it ruff and hard. He likes to think of his bottom boys as his bitches there for his sexual pleasure. Carson was telling me how every time he spends a weekend at the Ranch, he learns more and more...

HelixStudios - Travis Berkley Big Dildo

HelixStudios – Travis Berkley Big Dildo

Ex mammoth membered Mormon turned porn pro has had YEARS of pent-up sexual frustration. Travis Berkley Big Dildo is the perfectly pieced good boy gone bad letting his raw sexuality explode onto the screen and we get to watch him explore every inch of himself as well as experience his fucktastic fantasies. The tall peaches and cream dreamboat has got the goods and he slowly unveils them. He eye fucks the camera, drawing us in as he strips seductively. Wriggling on the couch possessed by passion, Travis caresses every sexy square inch of his beautiful smooth, tight teen body. He slaps his heavy, rock hard cock against his chiseled six pack, then spits on his...

Haunted Holes - Wes Campbell & Ben Masters

Haunted Holes – Wes Campbell & Ben Masters

A gorgeous group Haunted Holes of Helix hotties swap Halloween stories before gathering up the nerve to enter a spooky haunted house. Out and on the other side of the scares the boy’s hearts are pumping and adrenalin races through their veins. Wes Campbell and Ben Masters decide to take advantage of the extra excitement. Once back at their place Campbell can’t take his tongue away from the blood flow throbbing through Ben’s thick main vein as he gobbles cock like Halloween candy! Pretty boy Campbell is looking super tasty to Masters as well and the boy does some serious work on Wes’s wang all the while handling his own hearty hog. Haunted Holes Still...

Russel West First Time Gay Sex Bottoming For Collin Simpson

Russel West First Time Gay Sex Bottoming For Collin Simpson

Russel West has his first gay sex scene at GayHoopla with our giant cock snow white, Mr. Collin Simpson. Russel West radiates sexual energy and Collin could sense it. The hottest part of the video in my opinion was when Russel was getting fucked deep, the facial expressions he made we’re so sexy. Collin definitely gave Russel a warm welcome for his debut hardcore fuck.

San Diego Boy - Mojo Star Works His Magic on Joey Rico

San Diego Boy – Mojo Star Works His Magic on Joey Rico

In this San Diego Boy Director’s Cut, Joey Ricco’s “blessed” ass is going to be taken for a ride by Mojo Star. The two hook up in a hotel room and get to it, fast. Lubing and opening up Joey’s hole, mojo comments, “its tight;” bet the top’s got some “mojo” to widen Joey’s hole. Bent over the chair, the bottom strokes his cock to the rhythm of the “cock rockin’.” As they move around the room, Joey leaves his ass print “embossed” on the table. Watching Joey’s ass take that cock while being stroked by Mojo has everyone enjoying this pairing. Thrusting from below, the top shoves all the way in; “that feels good,”...