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With the incredible beauty of the wilderness around them, Tanner Sharp and Ryker are out scouting in the forest. But although they have tasks to complete, there’s something else these boys are far more interested in. Their cock sucking skills should earn them a special badge, but their bareback fucking as Tanner rides his friends raw dick is the real award winner!

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Director Max Carter interviews twink Stars, Kurt Niles and Sebastian Fox reality tv style. He finds out what the beautiful boys like about one another’s personalities, AND anatomies before their big bang. After heating the two hotties up, and arming us with this mouthwatering back story, we cut to the bedroom where the boy are already kissing, and pulling off one another’s clothes off while grabbing at their quickly thickening dicks! Sebastian has already done his research, so he knows the massive meal that awaits him under Kurt’s cock snuggler. He pulls at the boy’s overstuffed boxer briefs, releasing Kurt’s colossal cock which bounces out, and slaps right down onto Sebastian’s shoulder. The tiny twink...

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Alec Loob is a sneaky friend, the kind of boy who uses any opportunity he can to get some BoyFun. When sexy Gregor Gilead stops by his bedroom to get a little language education Alec Loob is quick to get him to say “Chupa Mi Polla”. For those who might not know Spanish, he just asked his friend to suck his cock! Alec Loob doesn’t waste a second, reaching for his growing bulge and revealing his friend’s tool, slurping it quickly between his lips for some delicious sucking. With the pleasure of his wet mouth around his dick Gregor can’t exactly make him stop, but it’s perhaps a pleasant surprise when the boy decides to...